Saturday, January 25, 2014

Some More on Happiness and Attitude

Alright so, I haven't written on hear in literally months. And I kinda wanna start doing this more. I've been in mood recently to write a lot. So to continue with that spree, how about I write more about happiness?

So after reading Emerson this year, I've really started taking an active effort to take moments to just live in the moment and take everything in, and just enjoy it. Taking moments like this often enough, really will increase your general happiness level. I promise. Even if you just take one moment each day to do so, it's still worth it. 

By doing this, you not only gain a bit of extra happiness, but, in my opinion, that's what living feels like. And when you can extend it to be for hours, and not just moments, but hours, where all you do is just let your inner self out, and just love, appreciate, and enjoy the world and everything it has to offer, that is, in my opinion when you truly live life. And it's the most amazing feeling ever. It has only truly happened to me once, about a week or so ago in fact. It was the best night of my life. And I lived. On that note, look up "I Lived" by OneRepublic! :D

Now one other quick thing. Always, always, always, remember that life is about perspective and attitude. If you have control over your attitude, you can make any situation better. If you allow yourself to step back from whatever the situation, and look at it in a different light, I promise, you can find something good in it. I've come to realize, that every situation has SOME amount of good in it, no matter how small. Even in bad situations, you're learning and gaining mental and emotional strength. So just remember that. Don't let yourself fall into a bad attitude of a bad situation. I'm not saying repress your emotions. You should allow yourself to feel whatever emotions the situation causes. But once you feel them, and let them into your heart, you have to be able to ask them nicely to leave. You can't allow them to take over your heart, because all that does is make you worse. What I'm getting at is, sadness and depression is a downward spiral. It just gets worse and worse the longer you dwell on it.

So be positive! Don't dwell on the sad things! Dwell on your happiness. Don't fall for the trap of a bad attitude. Always keep perspective. And live in the moment as often as you can. 

With that, I say you should also look up Oceans by Coasts. It's awesome. :)

I'm off to movie night!

Until next time!


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